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Student pricing

Students currently enrolled at degree-granting institutions may purchase Stata at the prices listed below. Proof of student status (i.e., copy of your university ID card) is required.

Looking for Small Stata?



For mid-sized datasets.
Perpetual: $198
Annual: $89
6 months: $45
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For large datasets.
Perpetual: $395
Annual: $235
6 months: Ariat Women's H2o Storm Work Witney Boot $125
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Fast & for the largest datasets.
Perpetual: $695
Annual: $395


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Ariat Witney Storm H2o Boot Work Women's Perpetual: $995
Annual: $545
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Product features Stata/IC Stata/SE Stata/MP
Maximum number of variables

Maximum number of columns/fields allowed in your dataset.

2,048 32,767 120,000
Maximum number of observations

Maximum number of rows/records in your dataset.

Stata/MP holds up to 20 billion observations given the current largest computer, and is ready for more once computer hardware catches up.

2.14 billion 2.14 billion Up to 20 billion
Maximum number of independent variables

Maximum number of explanatory variables allowed in a model. In the linear regression case, the maximum number of regressors.

798 10,998 10,998
Multicore support

Stata/MP: The fastest version of Stata (for dual-core and multicore computers) that can also analyze more data than any other flavor of Stata.

Time to run logistic regression with 5 million obs and 10 covariates

Storm Work Ariat Witney Boot Women's H2o 10.0 sec
10.0 sec
2-core 4-core 4+
5.0 sec 2.6 sec Ariat Women's H2o Work Storm Boot Witney Even faster
Complete suite of statistical features
Storm Boot H2o Work Women's Witney Ariat Linear models Panel data Survival analysis
Multilevel models Treatment effects Time series
GLM ANOVA/MANOVA Binary outcomes
Multiple imputation H2o Women's Witney Work Boot Storm Ariat SEM Count outcomes
Survey methods Exact statistics Power and sample size
Contrasts Marginal effects GMM
FMM Cluster analysis Spatial autoregression
Multivariate methods LCA Bootstrapping
Basic statistics Epidemiology Programmable MLE
Simulation Nonparametrics and more ...
Bayesian analysis Item response theory  
Publication-quality graphics
Storm H2o Work Boot Witney Ariat Women's
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Matrix programming language
Women's Storm Boot Ariat Witney H2o Work
Complete PDF documentation

Over 14,000 pages of documentation, including fully worked examples and methods and formulas.

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Exceptional technical support Work H2o Witney Storm Ariat Women's Boot
Includes within-release updates
64-bit version available
Windows, macOS, and Linux

All Stata licenses run on all three platforms.





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